Gamelan music is challenging for Westerners. It is not easily understood. But even without knowledge of the various instruments, scales and musical formats, its beauty is immediately apparent. The beauty may even be enhanced by the feeling of mystery it imparts to listeners on this side of the world.

Dave Howell, Rambles


Ware auf der vorliegenden CD nicht auch noch jede Menge grossartiger Musik, man musste sie schon wegen ihrer charmanten Atmosphare als Referenz fur eine Auffuhrungspraxis heranziehen, bei der sich die hehre Kunst mitten im Leben absspielt.

Walter Bast, Folker!

Superbly recorded and played, this disc is a fine document.

Allan Evans, Global Rhythm








I want to thank you for making this beautiful stately ceremonial music available. Especially the piece 'Munggang': I have a recording of it from around 1970.... It's very nice to have such a fresh sounding recording of it. But also the other numbers are very beautiful.

Cees Bonhof, by email


The wonderful thing about the albums in this Gamelan of Central Java series is that they offer contemporary renditions of music and performance situations that often are not already represented on compact disc.

Sarah Weiss, Asian Music