Gamelan of Central Java - 20






Track 1
      14:41      Istana Mangkunegaran

First stanza of Ktw Puspa Warna at night from the garden surrounding the Pendopo. The three ceremonial gamelans – Kodok Ngorek (Croaking Frog),  Munggang,  Carabalen.

Recordings made on 25 July, 2003, Surakarta.



Track 2      15:22      Pura Paku Alaman

Morning rehearsal of bedhaya dances.  Recording made on 18 June, 1995, Yogyakarta.



Track 3      14:39      Kraton Yogyakarta

Midday gamelan rehearsal with a natural superposition of azan (muezzin chant). 

Sequence from a formal performance of the bedhaya dance Semang – introduction, gendhing, final exit march (mares) with Western trumpet and drum.

Recordings made on 12 and 19 June, 1995.



Track 4      21:28      Kraton Surakarta

The peaceful, scintillating sound of gamelan Kaduk Manis playing Gd Babar Layar.

A taste of the islamic music – santi swara – using chorus, terbang (rebana) drums, and kemanak, during the Sekaten celebrations.

A beginning of the over 90-minute-long fascination of the Kraton's Bedhaya Ketawang.

Recordings made on 11-13 May, 2004,  and 20 June, 1995.




Recording, mastering, and photos:  John Noise Manis

YANTRA – Production and Digital Release